First, I used my freebie from my Stowe Card to ski Free for a corn
afternoon with some ski-vters. Shout out to Sharon and Bubba and Rich for
the turns we did together...

I miss skiing Stowe for free. Wes, please, please, work a deal out at Stowe
for next year. I want my freebie back if I am continuing to be your "Side-
kick" known as Rusty...

Then I spotted something that looked like money lying in the snow riding
the Quad. Forgot about it, did a run, then saw it again. I got ridiculed by
my fellow skiers for ogling the cash, so I skied off to collect my reward.
All I found was a green hand warmer amongst the trash and snow under the
chair. Despondent, I skied down.

Wes shows up, and asks me if I found the money. I replied no, just some old
trash...then he smirks, and pulls a limp $20 out of his pocket. Somehow, I
went past it.

I began to kick and scream like a child. Or maybe it was more like I was
yelling "My Precious! My Precious!"...either way, Wes relented and split it
with me. I did see it first, after all!

So now I have a cool Stowe baseball hat I bought with my 10 bucks.

Can't wait till Just N Woods sees me in the halls today advertising AIG

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