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>So, was it Jay or Stowe?  Seems like the eternal question, posed by
>philosophers (at least the ones we care to associate with) down the ages.

Stowe was pretty darn good!

>Everglade was great, with plenty of powder (yes, you read that right:
>powder) to be found.  Some private woods - just skiers' left of the main
>corporate trail at stateside - had untracked.  Other stashes were randomly
>spaced around the mountain, and we did a lot of traverse, traverse,
>traverse, turn, turn, turn, turn, repeat procedure.
>So, unless $teax had knee-deep, I think the better destination was Jay.

Yeah, we had some of that powder too. The Jay website said a dusting, we
had at least that much at Stowe. We were the only ones in the woods, so
there was plenty of untracked and we didn't need to do too much traversing.
There were plenty of untouched lines to be had.

Stowe was cheaper than Jay! $50 for 2 days!! or less if you had a Stowe


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