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> So let me tell you how capitalism can make this
> better:  if you don't want to see this happen, buy
> the land.  Or persuade someone else to.  It's their
> land, and they can do what they want with it.  If it
> was your land, you could do what YOU wanted.
> And in order to put a stopper in the obvious
> rejoinder "but I don't have the money" all I can say
> is:  go make some.  Make choices that put you in a
> position to do these things.

Skip, you will be surprised to hear that I disagree
with what you are saying. In essence, you are saying
capital might makes right, which, just like its
military equivalent, is wrong--assuming that we would
like to live in a civilised society.

It is also naive to think that aquiring the kind of
wealth neccessary to have the influence Mr. McCombs
has is just a matter of deciding that you want to make
money and then making life choices based on that
decision.  Not everyone of us has had a helping hand
extended as our embarrasment of a President had
throughout his rise as a "selfmade-man."

> Sorry to sound harsh, but unless you're
> willing to do away with private property rights
> altogether (and countries that have tried that are
> reputed to offer lousy skiing) that's the only way
> it works.

Skip, you should know better:
(There's plenty of stuphph on the last one, just don't
ask me to translate.)

--Matt K.

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