El Scorpion wrote:


> Great pictures Jonathan!


> ...But it seems as if there were quite a few of Kirsten...what does Bruno
> think about your affections?

Fortunately Jonathan has not had time to set up a web site for Kirsten
photos similar to his Air Charlie site. :-)

As K was the only female out of 15 or 16 people on the snowcat each day,
methinks she liked all the attention from the guys. And, she fortunately
had a seat well-protected from the overexposure of Jonathan aka Bubbles
relieving himself out the window of the snowcat on his first day after a
reeb on the ride down. BTW, where are those photos, Leigh, Mike?

> Seems like Leigh came through again with a great plaid trip.  Makes me
> wish I were able to stop sucking for a week or two and join y'all!

The trip was utterly phantastic - you missed a good one El Scorpion.
Planning should be much easier for Leigh next season based on the
overwhelming success of this trip. And when the signup for the cat trip
gets posted next time, you may be sucking hind teat on snowcat #2. ;-)
That would be phun - to fill 2 snowcats.

> I find it amusing that all those Phats first saw BC powder via Valhalla cats
> instead of CMH 'copters...

Our trip was not the first time that CMH phatties traveled with Valhalla
Powdercats. Didja notice the broken CMH phatty in one of the avalanche
photos previously posted on TTips chat forum in the thread on the Nelson

- Bruno

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