Bruno sez  <amid a whole bunch of complimentary things>:

 As K was the only female out of 15 or 16 people on the snowcat each day,
methinks she liked all the attention from the guys.
Duly acknowledged.  Kirsten kicked our collective a**es.  I'll try to talk
Briar into showing up next year on superphats. Those two will be downright
dangerous together.
 And, she fortunately had a seat well-protected from the overexposure of
Jonathan aka Bubbles relieving himself out the window of the snowcat on his
first day after a reeb on the ride down. BTW, where are those photos, Leigh,

Coming, coming.  What a hoot on the big screen.  Good thing you can't ID the
owner of the mystery appendage, only his religious faith.

Planning should be much easier for Leigh next season based on the
overwhelming success of this trip. And when the signup for the cat trip gets
posted next time, you may be sucking hind teat on snowcat #2. That would be
phun - to fill 2 snowcats.

Already in the works.  Given that the general consensus seems to be the
above, I expect we couls easily fill two plaid-cats next year.  Now that we
know our way around Nelson and have a line on renting a big ski house, it
can only get better.  I think the possibilities are endless to mix and match
tour itineraries between Valhalla (especially as their fantastic looking new
terrain comes into the permit over the next few years) and the local

I have to add that there was a certain bonus for me in being there on
closing week.  Kind of a joyous end-of-world feeling.  Certainly enough to
make me forget about weighing the overall enjoyment between bottomless
featherweight powder and the surfing the somewhat heavier spring conditions.


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