Here's a link to OVID with the explanation of their clinical queries:

Some (or all?) of these have been available from OVID for years, and if I
remember correctly were discussed on the OVID list years ago.

Many expressed relunctance to make these available at first (being unsure of
the methodologies and having concerns whether end-users would apply them
correctly)--but that was before the principles behind the concept of
evidence based medicine became widely known.

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Subject: [MEDLIB-L] Ovid's Clinical Queries

Hello!  Has anyone checked out Ovid's Clinical Queries?  They have filters
for diagnosis, prognosis, etiology, therapy, qualitative, reviews, clinical
prediction guides, costs, and economics.  They are further broken down as
sensitivity, specificity, or optimized.

"Limiting to Clinical Queries will restrict retrieval clinically sound
studies. There are nine categories provided, and the emphasis may be
Sensitive (i.e., most relevant articles but probably some less relevant
ones), Specific (i.e., mostly relevant articles but probably omitting a
few), or Optimized (i.e., the combination of terms that optimizes the
trade-off between sensitivity and specificity).

These filters, based on the work of R. Brian Haynes MD, PhD et al. of the
Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) at McMaster University, are intended
for clinicians."

I didn't see an announcement about it on the Ovid homepage nor on their
discussion list.  Does anyone have any more details, such as a specific list
of the terms and publication types they're using in the filter and why the
costs and economics filters are separated?

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