Hi Medlibbers - I'm beginning to look into the purchase of a link resolver
(such as Endeavor's LinkFinderPlus, EBSCO's LinkSource, Ovid's LinkSolver or
Serials Solutions Article Linker).  I'm interested in the experiences of
other hospital libraries, or other institutions with small staffs, which
have selected and implemented this software.  Specifically, I'm interested
to know:

1.  What are the advantages or disadvantages of hosting locally vs. having
the vendor host the software?  If hosted locally, does this software require
its own server?  Just how much expertise does it take to host locally?
Converseley, does one give up too much control by letting the vendor host?

2.  What kinds of features should I be looking for?  What are must-haves vs.

3.  If I already have products from some of these vendors (an ILS, search
software, full text content), is there an advantage to purchasing the link
resolver from one of them as well?  That is, do these products work equally
well across vendor lines, or is it smart to purchase a link resolver from
EBSCO if I also have lots of full text from EBSCO (I don't - just an example).

4.  Do any of these specific link resolvers (or others you may know about)
have a particularly good, or bad reputation?

I've read the recent article about link resolvers in Library Journal (April
1, 2004), but wanted to hear from actual users, especially in smaller settings.

Thanks for all your sage advice.  I will of course summarize.

Susan Klawansky
Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Seattle, WA
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