Thanks to the support from the Greater Midwest Region, NN/LM, the Hmong
Health listserv is now available for subscriptions. We welcome all who are
interested in the health of the Hmong community. From the welcome message:

The purpose of this list is to discuss issues related to Hmong health.  This
1. Announcements of educational programs related to Hmong health
2. Information related to the health status of the Hmong people
3. Updates to the Hmong Health website at
4. Announcements of books and audiovisual resources related to Hmong health,
as produced by our subscribers and other reputable organizations
5. Questions and discussion related to Hmong health promotion and education

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have missed some.  Since subscriptions require moderator approval, just send
your request to me.

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Thanks - Peg

Margaret (Peg) Allen, MLS-AHIP
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