I had about 25 responses.  Different people did various things.  Four of
us did not have a current plan.

The overwhelming (8 responses) solution was to rely on local colleagues
to cover, or (5) refer patrons to the regional medical school, which in
most instances was fairly close to the hospital.  Signs were posted
informing staff about this and voice mail messages were changed to
reflect this as well.

Five libraries had other departments close to them open and close the
library and left people on the honor system.  Six people let it be known
that security or a department close by had a key for check out.  Four
libraries had either a key pad or card reader access.

One librarian did up a cheat sheet of how to search the major
databases.  One librarian had a department close by that covered ILL
emergencies and another department had the mail clerk open and forward
incoming ILLs.  Most staff were expected or were willing to wait until
the return of the staff to do searches and ILLs.

One person acted as a temp filling in for the librarian, a couple of
people suggested trying to get volunteers to answer the phone, or hire
temp help to cover extended times such as FMLA.

One colleague had asked for back-up via MEDLIB and was pleased with the
response and had offered to volunteer as well.  So, if we have no local
med school or colleagues that can cover, this might be an option as

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