Here's the URL to the complete list of publication types:

That's one thing that bothers me about PubMed--their Limits screen doesn't list all the options available in the dropboxes, unlike Ovid.  I have some patrons who specifically want to search by Phase 2 Clinical Trial, but it automatically explodes all the phases.  What about the researcher who wants to look up articles in her native language, Hungarian?  Ovid offers that language in their dropbox, PubMed doesn't.  Does anyone know an *easy* way to access all these features in PubMed?  

Take care,


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There's a list pages I-129 to I-136 in the 2003 print edition of MeSH. Don't
know where to find it online.

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Subject: [MEDLIB-L] Publication Type (PT) listing for journal citations

Colleagues: Any clues where I find a list of Publication Types (PT) for
journal citations?  Or, is the list in the Limits area of PubMed the
complete list?  I am sure there is/was a patient education (PT).  I looked
in the Technical Bulletin site of NLM and have spent an hour + searching NLM
or PubMed pages.  I found an Tech Bullet that says publication types will be
alphabetical in the MeSH, but that is not what I need.  I need a list of the
PT.  Any clues?

Bruce, your list does not appear to be a Publication Type list, no?  Is it
not a list of subheadings, eg. Diagnosis, therapy, et al.?

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This list is available from the NLM website

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Subject: [MEDLIB-L] ? Publication Type: hierarchic list

Dear colleagues,

I know this alphabetical list of Publications Type Category :

Do you know if there is a hierarchic list?

Thank you very much

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