Hello, everyone
I am a first-semester graduate student with aspirations of becoming a medical/health sciences librarian.  I've been "listening" in on your listserv for several months and have found it interesting and informative.  I've been fascinated by some of the things you are asked to do, many of which seemingly do not fall under the purview of the librarian.  I am writing to request your assistance with my first major paper  My topic deals with the conflict between the public's right to access of information and the mission of a medical school and/or hospital library.  The paper also addresses the question of how to balance giving the best information possible in a timely manner while staying within a tight budget.  I will appreciate any input you have on the following questions:

1.  How do you handle requests from people who are not affliated with your institution?  Have such requests created any problems for you?

2.  Do you have a policy regarding "outside" requests?  If so, what is your policy?

3.  What are the liability issues involved with answering such requests, and how have you dealt with those issues?

4.  Do you have any interesting anecdotes arising from outside requests?

5.  What challenges have you encountered in trying to provide timely, accurate information at a reasonable cost?  What innovative solutions have you developed?

6.  What else should I have asked, but didn't?

Please respond to my email, rather than the listserv.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Melanie Moore
School of Library and Information Science
University of South Carolina