Not much fan fare with this one but since we are at the end of April, it
might be nice to see some white capped mountains.  Pretty cold air aloft
for this time of year will move in during the afternoon tomorrow and then
cold air will continue to bleed in on northwest winds during the
evening...this coupled with some moisture and decent lapse rates will
result in orographi mountain snow showers tomorrow night in the 'Dacks and
Green Mtns.  Only minor accumulations look possible with 1-3 inches in
most locations above 1,500 feet with locally 4 inches possible in the
highest elevations of the 'Dacks and in the Jay Peak region.

Hoping for a view of a white peaked Mansfield on Wednesday with 5,000 ft
temps at the very least there should be some heavy riming going
on at the peaks.


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