These links are very good deals.

This is what I use (a 10-point crampon):

I think this is what Jerm has (a 12-point crampon):

The G10W (mine) will fit virtually any teleboot,
Jerm's fit both Garmont Garas and Scarpa T1's, and
probably most others as well.  If you buy any other
brand of crampon, MAKE SURE IT FITS your boots, stores
won't refund or exchange mountaineering gear.  Both
have front points.  The G10W is lighter because it has
two fewer points and they are a tad shorter and less
aggressive (pointy and sharp), however, they will work
for anything that you will be doing short of technical

This is the piolet (mountaineering axe) that I use:

It is a good, basic tool, not heavy but there are
lighter ones for around $100.  I think the BD Raven
Pro is a sweet axe.

To find the right length axe for general
mountaineering purposes hold it at your side from the
head.  The spike at the bottom of the shaft should be
at top of the ball of bone that sticks out on the
outside of your ankle.

--Matt K.

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