Wes sez:
>Sheesh -- I thought Debra Harry died in a car wreck on the QEW in 1994.
>I saw Blondie, Ramones, and TomTom CLub play a triple bill in
>burlington like 10 years ago -- even then, it was considered an oldies

Quite alive and well...and still rocking and kicking butt at 58 (!). Yeah,
I mean, it looks like more than a few stone grinds and some ptex work on
the core shots, but still........
And those are rock-star years, which is like 147 for you and me.

The voice is still there and the band is very tight. It was a great show.
Opened with Atomic, closed with Heart of Glass, did a lot of stuff from the
new disc, some from the last disc, a lot of the expected - One Way Or
Another, The Tide Is High, Rapture, Call Me, etc.  - and some of the
unexpected: Rip Her To Shreds. I wondered how many of the 30-somethings and
younger understood the Brenda Starr and "Robert Hall sweater" references in
that tune.
Here's a review of their 4/24 show in Seattle:
Official band site:    (If you go to,
you get the web version of some moldy old comic strip.)

>My buddy Lew saw her rip off her shirt at CBGBs back in the day.
As, no doubt, did many folks at the old Bell on Rt. 46 in Hackensack, NJ
when she was a dancer there. Clem Burke was wearing a black CBGB's T-shirt
last night.

Oh, it's Deborah btw.


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