--- Leigh Daboll <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>  Name the only peak with the distinction of having a
> triple continental divide?
> Mount Columbia.
> Parc!  I just read tbis a couple of days ago on an
> internet travel site, and
> I can't remember the site to check my source.  I
> know it is an 8000' peak
> mixed in with some 10K footers north of Glacier
> National Park in Montana

Leigh, Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park
(US), has a triple divide, so I wouldn't be surprised
if a peak slightly further North in Waterton Lakes
National Park (CA) has one as well, however, I have
been unable to find mention of it yet.

I did read somewhere on the web that there are several
places in Canada where there is a triple divide.
There is one near the Columbia Icefield (Yellowhead
Pass) that drains into the Fraser (Pacific),
Saskatchewan (Atlantic) and the Athabasca (Arctic).
My guess about Mt. Columbia is just a guess, but it is
on the Continental Divid (a.k.a. the Great Divide) and
might drain into those three rivers.  If one had a
topo map you could tell for sure.

--Matt K.

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