At 07:11 PM 4/28/04, The Budding Meteorologist wrote:

>We always drained ours for the warmer months and therefor don't have to
>heat it year round.  Never really used it except during ski season and the
>winter months.  Sitting in the hot tub when its humid outside doesn't have
>the same effect as sitting in one when in January when its 10 degrees out
>and dumping.

Dear lad, how little you yet know about the arcane art of physics.

Regarding the effects on the body, the difference is negligible, in that a
hot tub kept at standard temp will have the exact same effect on body temp,
through-skin excretion and all the other wonders of the integument system
regardless of whether it's 90 or -9.

And there is definitely an effect on the power bill, in that the suckers
cost a lot less to heat.

Which brings us to the realm of the metaphysical.  Ain't nuthin' like being
in a hot tub on a cold night after a good day o' skiing while it's dumping.

All of which, of course, is impossible to measure in objective fashion. 8->

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