Miguel Naughton wrote:

> --- Leigh Daboll <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>"A federal court bankruptcy judge has just approved a bid by Tim
>>Horton's to take over 42 donut outlets across New England,
>>narrowly beating out rival bidder Dunkin' Donuts".

<homer>Whoo-hoo!</homer>  DD coffee SUCKS!

> Sounds like great news for the Green Mountain state, as Tim Hortons
> is way better than the feeble DD chain.  Actually, I should qualify
> that: Canadian Tim Hortons are way better than Dunkin Donuts.  You
> see, I have a Tim Hortons within walking distance of my office and
> it skcus.  The food is good, but they seem to only hire mental
> incompetents, so it is incredibly S-L-O-W.  When I hit TH in CA,
> the service is always great.  Also, several of the people working
> at the local Hortons are really fat.  It seems to send a message:
> "if you eat donuts here all the time, you will end up looking like
> me."

I suspect this is just a reflection on the difference in average size
between the populations of the two countries.  And if they weren't
mental incompetents, they probably wouldn't be working for minimum wage...

That said, the Tim's in Houlton and Pres'que Isle are WAY better than
the Tim's in Lewiston-Auburn.  Maybe proximity to the motherland helps?

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