Ah, Hammerhead... you heard something about the Building Box?  I always
thought that was an American company.
Here are, I hope, twenty interesting Canuck trivia questions, some with
tricky answers.
Free pair of CMHs to the winner (not):

What were the four original provinces of Canada?
What was the first capital of Upper Canada?
Which provinces or territories are officially bilingual today?
When did the Canada get its own constitution?
What part of Canada did France retain after the battle of the Plains of

What is the coldest capital city?
What is the name of Canada's newest province?
What is the most most southerly point in Canada?
What is the highest mountain in Canada?
Name the only peak with the distinction of having a triple continental

Culture and Sports
Name a single Canadian movie.
What Canadian band outsold the Beatles in 1969?
Where was Mike Myers born?
Who invented basketball?
What is Canada's national sport?

What's the third largest language spoken in Canada?
The most popular car in Canada for the last five years is what?
The largest selling brand of beer is now what?
What is the secret ingredient in a Bloody Caesar?
Who is the richest individual in Canada?


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