To Matt K I say:

"Awesome job so far Matt. You scored 10 out of 20."

What were the four original provinces of Canada?
Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.
Correct.  A group of disparate impoverished regions assembled by a committee
of drunk lawyers.

What was the first capital of Upper Canada?
Niagra-on-the-Lake--nee Newark--so technically Newark.
Correct. We moved it to Ottawa after the War of 1812 so you guys wouldn't
torch it a second time.  It's being dissembled piecemeal and moved over to
Hull Quebec since then.

Which provinces or territories are officially bilingual today?
All are.
Nope.  Only the Federal governement is bilingual.  All
provinces/territiories are officially unilingual with the exception of two.
Can you guess them?

When did the Canada get its own constitution?
Nope.  The 1867 constitition was and remained a purely British Act of that
Parliament until when?

What part of Canada did France retain after the battle of the Plains of
Montreal?  Those Islands off of Southeastern Newfoundland?
Yep to the latter.  Ste. Pierre & Miquelon in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
remain French territories to this day.

What is the coldest capital city?
Of a province? St. Johns.  Territory?  Iqaluit
Partially right.  St. Johns is wrong.

What is the name of Canada's newest province?
Newfoundland and Labrador
Way excellent!  Nunavut is still a territory, and Newfoundland, a province
since 1949, recently changed its name to Newfoundland and Labrador.

What is the most most southerly point in Canada?
Pelee Point
Correct, except it's "Point Pelee" near Windsor, at the same latitude as the
CA/OR border..

What is the highest mountain in Canada?
Mount Logan
Yep, in the southern Yukon-AK border area.

Name the only peak with the distinction of having a triple continental
Mt. Athabasca?
Nope.  No hints.

 Culture and Sports
Name a single Canadian movie.
Dead Ringers.
Close.  Cronenberg is a Canadian but the movie isn't.

What Canadian band outsold the Beatles in 1969?
I have no idea.
Young pups have no sense of musical history.

 Where was Mike Myers born?
Good.  The city used to be an actual separate borough of the greater Toronto
Metropolitan Area, now it's a part of the City proper.  Commonly referred to
as "Scarberia" due to its impermeabilty to all things cultural.

Who invented basketball?
Bob Knight.
Ha Ha.

What is Canada's national sport?
Curling is not a sport.

What's the third largest language spoken in Canada?
Not even close.

 The most popular car in Canada for the last five years is what?
Honda Civic
Yep. Before that it was Cavalier.  We are humble people.

The largest selling brand of beer is now what?
Molson Canadian
Never has been.  We only wish.

What is the secret ingredient in a Bloody Caesar?
Clamato juice
Yep - juice from actual clams.

Who is the richest individual in Canada?
Ken Thom(p)son
Major brownie points here.  Newspaper/magazine magnate Thompson has held
this position forever it seems.

Any more guesses?

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