Once I skied from the summit, across the alpine garden, over the lip,
across to the little headwall, all the way down.
There have been times when the connection to the little headwall was
open, but sherburne was not.  If the connection is open, anything in
Tuckermans (e.g. right gully) can get to it.
Sometime part of Sherburne is open, but the connection to little
headwall is gone.
I've done the traverse to hillmans, both from the upper snowfields, and
from climbing out the top of left gully.  The best route is to hike to
the side peak between tuckermans and hillmans, ski down from that to
I've heard sherburne is gone this year, so it'll have to wait till next


Chris Henry wrote:

>Specifically Mt. Washington.  The recent flurry of posts regarding GOS and
>Tucks reminded me of a question that I've wondered about.  Anyone have any
>experience sliding down from the summit all the way to Pinkham?   Hillmans
>dumps right into the Sherburne, which is a great descent, but coming down
>from the summit you obviously wouldn't be able to make it over to the top of
>Hillmans without a traverse.  Toni Matt went over the Lip, down the Little
>Headwall, and onto the Sherburne.  Could you do the same from say Right
>Gully or Right Right Gully, for those of us too timid to drop over the Lip?

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