Dave  Mann [[log in to unmask]]writes:

>I will say that floundering around on my tele stuff on the
>steeper stuff (for me) under left gully and chute convinced me that
>I need to choose from the following:
>a) Do *something* different to increase my tele skills dramatically
>b) Invest in AT gear so I can once again ski stuff I used to ski
>   confidently on alpine gear
>c) Just give up on it (not really an option but...)

I'd still vote for a) in your case- your fundamentals are more than good
enough. The biggest obstacle I see for you in that regard is to find a
venue steep enough, safe enough, and close enough to home that you can
work it out technically prior to finding yourself suddenly perched on
300' of backcountry snow with rock exposure. But while I can think of
several places to do that in central MA, I'm not familiar with any on
the S end of Beantown. (There may be something on Mont Bleu, but it
requires more and consistent natural snowpack than what is usually found

>> Waiting for several minutes in vain
>> for a clearing to either take more vertical or get safer look at the
>> descent I timed out and donned skis.
>How?  Serious question.  Did you cut out platform?

It was soft enough snow that I could jam the tail into the hill
cross-wise, perpendicular to the fall line while holding onto the other
ski (jammed vertically in the snow) for stability. Once in the first
ski, I reset the tail-jam for optimal angle, then jammed the other (the
uphill) ski in parallel next to it. In firmer snow I sometimes have to
machete-in a ledge for the first ski, then stomp it in a bit wider for
the second after getting the first on. This can be pretty tricky on 45+
degree stuff, but at my turnaround point it was still sub-45 degrees and
reasonably soft snow.

It was steep enough that I didn't really want to think about slippin' or
droppin' a ski though. In times past I've carried a small lanyard to
keep the skis tied both to me and each other- safety straps often work
well enough, but on this particular set of lightweight 3-pin bindings
(Voile 201)they don't make have a safety-strap attachment point, woulda
had to rig up something through the bails.  I'll probably make up a li'l
quick draw with mini-'biners and 6mm rope for just this purpose next
time I'm out on something steeper with this setup.

>> I gave Dave a bit of a hard time about being a bad-Karma
>> skiing partner-every time we head for the Whites together the
>> weather turns for the worse and we end up at Plan-B, C, or D,
>> skiing the dregs of Tuckerman.
>Oddly, Dana, I always have sunny skies and mild, warm breezes
>when I hike in Whites with *other* people. ;^)

Yeah, it's _my_ bad Karma, I know...  :-)

>Actually though, the real reason for this is most other
>people have sense enough to stay home when it rains.

Which is why it's usually not crowded when I go skiin' in the rain-
leaves more for me, sez me! :-)

Which is why it was even more surprising that something like a dozen
people showed up at Tuckerman on Monday, eh? It was really pissin' at
the start!


_____________ ________ __
__ /________ ________ ___
__( Tele till you drop
___\ ________ ________ __
____) ______ __________ _
___/ ______ ___________ _
__( o ____ __________ __
__ \(|\.____ _______ ____
___`\>/______ ____ ______
____ \` ______ __ _______
______`________ _ _______
_______________ __ ______

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