Denis wrote:

> On the return flight we passed just south of Greenland
> and then came ashore in the middle of the Labrador coast.  I was looking
> out the window at the time.  WOW!!!!!

I am in St. John's, Newfoundland right now, where the sun is shining over a
beautiful snow-covered landscape. There was a blizzard on Saturday night that
lasted into Monday. There was only 6-10 inches of snow in St. John's, but I
heard that central Newfoundland got pounded.

I have my skis with me in St. John's because I was skiing on the west coast of
Newfoundland (Gros Morne) last week before coming to St. John's for a week of
work. I did not, however, head out for skiing on Sunday because it was just too
windy during the blizzard. In retrospect, I should have gone anyway because it
could be my last skiing of the year.

Re: Labrador. I've never been there but have seen photos and maps that show
there to be some great skiing terrain in the north. Todd H. is planning a trip
there for summer 2005, so he has all the maps and photos. Denis probably saw so
much snow because there was a major storm there about a week ago. That storm
brought 4-6 inches of snow to Gros Morne while I was there before turning to
rain, and it dumped a foot or more on Labrador.

I had another fabulous ski trip to Gros Morne this year. Although there was not
as much snow on the ground as during my trips the 4 previous years (warm spring
rains melted away a deep winter snowpack), there was still plenty of snow in
the bowls and gullies. We had all kinds of weather and snow conditions during
the five day trip, from warm and sunny corn, to frozen corn, to windblown
powder to actual soft (non-wind affected) powder. I will posting a full trip
report with photos and videos when I get a chance.


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