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> It didn't take much convincing to get Dave to abandon the
> center of the bowl and its icefall hazard for the more benign
> lower portion of the Left Gully.

Once we got a look at ice fall hazard, it was a no-brainer.
Problem is, that my tele skills are better matched to the
lower angled stuff at the bottom of bowl(ing alley).  But
then, dads should not be play the role of bowling pin.

I will say that floundering around on my tele stuff on the
steeper stuff (for me) under left gully and chute convinced me that
I need to choose from the following:
a) Do *something* different to increase my tele skills dramatically
b) Invest in AT gear so I can once again ski stuff I used to ski
   confidently on alpine gear
c) Just give up on it (not really an option but...)

> Waiting for several minutes in vain
> for a clearing to either take more vertical or get safer look at the
> descent I timed out and donned skis.

How?  Serious question.  Did you cut out platform?

> I gave Dave a bit of a hard time about being a bad-Karma
> skiing partner-every time we head for the Whites together the
> weather turns for the worse and we end up at Plan-B, C, or D,
> skiing the dregs of Tuckerman.

Oddly, Dana, I always have sunny skies and mild, warm breezes
when I hike in Whites with *other* people. ;^)

Actually though, the real reason for this is most other
people have sense enough to stay home when it rains.
I gave you fair warning in the parking lot in Boston
that I'll hike in the rain no problem.  Label me a
bad influence if I bring out your PNW roots.

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