Most people skiing Tucks or GoS don't use crampons.  That doesn't mean they're
not scared.  Both Matt K. and I have been rather sketched out when hiking steep
pitches in the Presis.  The more you do it the less you get nervous, but the
fear never goes away.  I think tele boots are scarier b/c of the duckbill,
OTOH, alpine boots have no tread to speak of.  The Vibram soles of AT boots add
to one's comfort.

For me, the terror on the way up adds to the experience.  Once I click into my
skis I'm fine, as you yourself noticed.  Because I know that I have a fear of
heights, I try to force my self to overcome my fear (without doing anything
stupid.  I just look where I place my feet and keep on pluggin'.

All your stories make me nostalgic for Presi Season!!  Dan, re: your
observation of the difference between your weekend and your coworkers -
that "other world" is exactly what kept me going through 2 years of office work.

Oh yeah, I've skied from Tucks and GoS to Pinkham, and I've skied from the
summit down to Dodge's and then down much of the Sherburne, and once from near
the summit down Chute, but never the whole thing in one day.  Have skied from
Monroe's summit to the Cog Railways base station, though...

El Scorpion

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