Chris wrote:

>Anyone have any
>experience sliding down from the summit all the way to Pinkham?

Iíve found that the trickiest part for a run from the very top is the
summit cone, which is often blown completely free of snow.  Once I was able
to ski from the very tippy top (well, okay, probably from 6280, not 6288),
following a little drift that formed on the skierís left of the stretch of
the auto road that goes to the summit buildings.  Last month when I skied
from the ďsummitĒ all the way to Pinkham, that drift had been washed out by
heavy rains, so I had to content myself with starting from around 6100
(which therefore just barely pushed the vert count above the magical 4k
mark, whew- close call).
Regardless of summit cone cover, the other key to max vertical is typically
to ski the NE Snowfield (not the E or SE)- requires some traversing, but
usually has higher cover, and can connect with the roadís little drift that
goes to the very tippy top.
And speaking of the whole mtn, or rather the whole mtn range, Iím trying to
put together a map that shows all the Presidential ski routes (i.e., from
Monroe to Adams).  I started w/ the NG Topo software basemap, then modified
the overlay of hiking routes they provide on their website, then added my
own notations based on othersí maps, annotated photos, my gps tracklogs,
and recollections.  Back channell me if youíre interested in either the tpo
or jpg version - corrections/additions would be most welcome!

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