I hate to bother you considering that i have already left. But i am in the
middle of nowhere literally but i got an email from prof gordon saying that to
get credit for th research i have doen you need to record it. I know that at
the beginning our group was a little scattered buut i did a lot of reseRch adn
woudl liek to get credit for it/. So please not that in our report. I will not
be able to see my email for the next month so you won't be able to contact me.
Thank you for you help. good luck with finals and all. Thanks again.

PS. please send me a reply anyway.
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> Hello Comp. Chem members!
> As you're probably aware, we've got a mailing list set up so we can
> easily correspond with each other.  Just send an email to
> [log in to unmask] and it will get distributed to all the
> computational chem members.
> I'll see you all tonight at 8 in cook commons.
> Shaun