We don't have a policy either, but usually "old reliable" subs get a
network account with server space if they request one, although no email.
The account is set to expire at the end of the school year. They sign the
same AUP as a teacher. We never use any generic accounts and stress the fact
that staff should not share their passwords, so if a sub can demonstrate a
need to access a computer we would rather give them their own account.
 This has backfired a couple times though. One sub used the internet to
gather information for a pending lawsuit against a staff member, and then
printed multiple copies to a couple common printers, apparently not knowing
where they were printing. This was unpleasant. Another sub downloaded mp3's
and burned CDs, a lot of CDs, and during class time at that. Other than
these two instances (these were not "old reliable" subs BTW) it has worked
out OK.
We do need a policy.

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Hi all,
What policies do people have on Network accounts for substitute
teachers? We are getting an increasing number of requests for this. Do
people use a generic "sub" account? (The paranoid security minded part
of me hates this idea but it simplifies administration). Do people give
subs their own accounts? (The administrator in me doesn't like this
idea; lot of work for a place where there is high turnover). Do people
simply not grant substitutes network access? If so, what kind of
problems does that create?
We do not have a policy in place and need one. We have given a very few
subs that the school has relied on for a long time their own accounts.
Usually these people also coach or advise something so they are more
connected to the school.
If you give subs their own accounts, do they need to have worked a
certain number of days before they get one?
Sorry for the cross posts and Thanks in advance.

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