Have a good firewall and know how to manage it and the OS platform on the
computer does not matter.

Dennis Beloin

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Hi all,
After last Friday's conference at South Burlington, Security has been
on my mind even more than usual. Just today, I had my antivirus software
popup and tell me it had taken care of an infection attempt by sasser.
My paranoia level went up even more than usual. Since we centrally
manage our antivirus updates, how did a machine get infected that was
trying to infect other machines on our network? Simply by chance, I came
across a mobile user from central office who had plugged into our
network and was infected.
This mobile user goes to most of the schools in the district and uses
dial up from home. The machine is set to get its updates directly from
symantec. The signature file in use was only a few days old but too old
for sasser.

If as a group of technology people we could get away from a Windows
centric view of the world, we would be much better off security wise.
Just like Bio diversity, platform diversity is healthy. We invest huge
amounts of dollars into security and virus protection (more on that than
enhancement of instruction). If we had more platform diversity, it would
make things tougher for the bad guys. I would like to have all my mobile
users like the case I mentioned at the beginning be either on Macs or
Linux laptops. They would be much less likely to be the target of the
latest worm on the net.
Unfortunately, many tech support people walk around saying I hate
______(fill in platform of choice). Should we be so closed minded (I
have to admit an antimicrosoft bias)? If we had diversity, we might not
have to scramble so much when the latest threat pops up.
Let the discussion begin!!!!
P.S sorry for the cross posts

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