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>(Gen Y) Student arrives at College they are place very interesting
>and expectations on both faculty and and IT staffs..

Here's a novel idea, how about colleges and universities say to
undergrads: "Hey guys and gals, we know that you've basically called the
shots all through your primary and secondary education - or lack
thereof.  After all, your parents would have sued the school system if
your self-esteem got the slightest dent.  They would have raised holy
hell if your teachers gave you any grade lower than a B+.  But tell you
what, the party's over.  If you want a degree from an institution that
is supposed to be of higher learning you'll need to actually DO some
higher learning. And we aren't talking drugs here.  You need to
understand that WE are making the demands and expectations, not you.

"For instance, we demand that you take your education seriously. We
expect that you will learn to write English sentences, that you'll learn
to speak using language somewhat more sophisticated than a series of
monosyllabic grunts. You are going to come to understand that you didn't
invent the world, that there are thousands of years of civilization
behind you, and millions of years of human existence.

"We are going to ask that, at some point real soon, you set aside the
pointing and clicking and the jazzy PowerPoint presentations and start
doing some thinking, because thinking is what you are going to need to
do when you get out of here.  Most of the technical and vocational
skills we teach you will be obsolete before you get your first job.  We
know you are adept at using computers, that's good, but so are millions
upon millions of people in Asia who'll work for forty cents an hour.
You may have a nimble cell phone thumb, but you are going to need a
nimble mind a whole lot more.

"And if you think you've got all the answers already, why the hell are
you here?"

Editorial note: The above rant was produced by Vince Rossano Dream On
Productions.  Any resemblance to real events taking place any time in
the future is extremely unlikely.


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