This is a note from a UVM Biology Professor who is looking for a good
home for some friendly insects.

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My technician suddenly left leaving behind a large number of Madagascar
Hissing cockroaches (don't ask why she had SO many).  If anybody is
interested in any or all (very unlikely) of them please let me know, as
I cannot find any takers, and I simply cannot keep them in the lab.

If you are interested, they are interesting insects with interesting
behaviors (although they are very phermone oriented so we don't get to
"see" a lot of their behaviors.  They are also incredibly easy to take
care of, and not nearly as scary as you would expect for a 3 inch long

here is a zoo page on hissing cockroaches.

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These are actually supurb classroom pets.  Some few people might have
allergies to them, but as long as they don't stick their nose in the
container it should be ok.  They are big sluggish insects that have
lots of neat behaviors.  they are quite social (apparently water
conservation is a big issue for them), males establish dominance
heirarchies, and females show maternal care.  Also apparently "aunts"
are allowed to take care of babies.  they are easily hand held, and
because they are big they tend to be more kid friendly than lots of

They need to have their litter changed monthly, and they need a sponge
wetted every other day or so.  They survive just fine on dry cat food.

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