Dear Folks,

Our district has taken advantage of the offer by Symquest to place some
training money in an account with them, with Symquest matching the
amount to go towards training for our people.

At this point we are working with Symquest to decide which course is
offered and when.  Currently there seems to be other people interested
in Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6.5 (Course 3016) and/or
Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6 (Course 3001).  In reviewing
the descriptions of these courses we felt that 90% covered things our
people already do every day.

What we would be interested in is;
Advanced NetWare 6 Services and Troubleshooting - Advanced Technical

NetWare 6 offers you secure, browser-based management tools and global
browser-based access to network files and printers. NetWare 6 also
provides powerful clustering and multiprocessing technologies, a storage
system that provides seamless access across various platforms and
directory-based security and support for open Internet standards. Making
use of these services is the next step. We'll give you the knowledge and
skills you need to:

install, upgrade, and migrate to NetWare 6.
use new features including iFolder, iPrint, Native File Access and
secure access from a browser to Web Management Services for servers and
the Directory
Configure and manage Novell Storage Services.
install Novell Cluster Services and manage a resource.
understand and troubleshoot Certificate services.
implement and secure LDAP.

At this point Mark Barton of Symquest has asked if we can find others
interested in this more advanced course in order to make it happen.  The
tentative date is July 19-23.

If you would be interested could you please drop me an e-mail?

The URL for the NW6 classes is


Craig Lyndes
District Computer Services
Burlington School District