Hi all - I recently learned of this new event called "Speak-Up Day for Teachers" that allows teachers from around the country describe the wonderful uses for technology they have discovered or developed.

Below you will find the message I received and it has a link to a website where teachers can share their stories. Please make your teachers aware of this event.

Thanks -

Bill Romond

Vermont Department of Education


Help NetDay reach 10,000 teachers on Speak Up Day. When NetDay sent out the call for students to Speak Up in October 2003, we learned what 210,000 students thought about technology and learning. We heard from their teachers that they wanted a say too. NetDay listened to the call and has created a short online survey for teachers about their personal and professional use of technology.  Now, teachers will have their say in the first ever Speak Up Day for Teachers from April 14 to May 7. Surveys are online at <> .