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Vermont Data Consortium


Data Trainer

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Description :  The Data Trainer will work in cooperation with the VDC’s Field Based Data Coordinator to oversee data collection and analysis and provide training to participating school districts and supervisory unions with respect to the development ofin developing a statewide student information and analysis system.


Responsibilities include:

Support the VDC’s Field Based Data Coordinator to:

·         Provide communication and coordination between the Vermont Data Consortium, State of Vermont, supervisory unions, and schools about how best to create and maintain a statewide student information and analysis system that meets the needs of all the parties to use educational data for school change;

·         Assist school districts and supervisory unions to collect and process digital data to meet the requirements of a statewide student information and analysis system;

·         Coordinate and deliver professional development and technical support to supervisory union and school district staff to facilitate the collection and preparation of data;

·         Use the “Train the Trainer” model to deliver professional development in school districts and supervisory unions thus enabling administrators and faculty to utilize their educational data to effect school change (i.e., data based decision making).


Candidates must have a high level of system analysis and design ability along with a solid foundation in current best practices for education reform.  Successful candidates must demonstrate a high level of oral and written communication.


Required Skills:

·         Knowledge of local student data systems

·         Knowledge of system analysis and design

·         Knowledge of K-12 professional development Professional develop

·         Knowledge of data education dataEducation Data analysis methodology

·         Understanding of current status as well as future direction of the Vermont Comprehensive Assessment System;

·         Ability to research effective systems and evaluate them based on the current and future educational needs.


This is a part-time (.30), one-year grant funded position that begins July 1, 2004 and ends June 30, 2005.  The salary is $21,000 per year without benefits.


Please send letter of interest, resume, and two letters of recommendation by May 28, 2004 to:

Diane Lemieux, President

Vermont Data Consortium

169 S. Main St.

St. Albans, VT





Bill Kimball

Information Technology Director

Lamoille South Supervisory Union

P.O. Box 340

Morrisville, VT 05661


(802)-888-6710 fax