Mr. Patrick-J. Poirier
Head, Communications and Media Relations
Canadian Centre for Architecture

        Thank you for sending a public announcement about the results of the CCA
'competition for critical thinking' to the participants who were involved in
this exciting endeavor. It seems equally appropriate to send a message to those
associated with this approach to architectural thinking that they, too, should
be made well aware of the substance of your decision making. We are at a point
where the ideologies of the 20th century have helped create, and change is
obviously needed in architecture to engage these decisions. Yet, an 18th
century world-view continues to dominate a closed-network of discourse, and it
is an ominous sign; just as Le Corbusier warned--

        '... revolution could have been avoided.'

        Luckily in the infinite wisdom you've chosen a path well traveled and it is
sincerely hoped the recipients in Montréal, New York City, and London will be
able to appreciate 'strategic thinking commensurate with the radical nature of
changes' that have occurred, as you state in your announcements. Although 300
years ago have passed, it hardly seems like a day in architectural history as
it remains. Therefore, as a counterpoint to your special congratulations to
those who were recognized with James Stirling, spatial ingenuity, understanding
of 9/11, international issues, and the like, a special congratulations to your
world-class institution in recognizing in these separate works the values you

        Others may find similar values in ideas in works which challenge long-standing
and obsolete paradigms and ask questions that cannot may go beyond the
acceptable boundaries of today, such as an architecture with a central focus on
issues such as terrorism, 9/11, development, architectural education, global
trade, infrastructures, poverty, economics, climate change, and the like, as
you well know. In any case, again, greatest congratulations to you those who
sponsor your competition-- this is truly a historical moment for us all. It is
here that we will part ways.

My congratulations to you and your colleagues at your institution.

Brian Thomas Carroll, Architect (independent of affiliation)

 brian thomas carroll: research-design-development
 architecture, education, electromagnetism

(*For others inclined to wonder what other 'critical' architectural thinking
may exist, please review the files below or see the second e-mail which links
to online imagery. The same presentation is available as a collaborative open-
source outline for any interdisciplinary thinkers to work with, and a
presentation is available to those who support public and open architectural

        The Architecture of the United Nations-
        Transforming Wars of Ideas through Networks of Peace

        abstract and statement of purpose

        == Verdict ==

the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)
The James Stirling Memorial Lectures on the City

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