Hi Folks:

I find myself back in VT for a couple days but this morning was the only
time I had free to bird.  Unfortunately it rained all morning - sometimes
very light, sometimes approaching a downpour. The temperature never reached
60F.  By 1115 I was cold and saturated so I threw in the towel.  It hasn't
rained since I stopped birding.  Despite the lousy weather, I had a great
time and tallied a respectable total of 78 species.  Dipped entirely on
raptors and only had two woodpeckers.

With no itinerary planned, I began birding at the wetlands behind South
Burlington High School at 0530.  From there I birded along Dorset Street,
cut over to Hinesburg Rd. and found my way to Shelburne Pond.  After
Shelburne Pond I attempted a hike up Mt. Philo but was turned back by the
heaviest rain of the morning.  A view of the lake at the Charlotte Ferry and
then I meandered south through ag. fields into Ferrisburg.  I cut back to
the lake for a view from Shelburne Beach and then my last stop of the
morning was the LaPlatte River Marsh Natural Area and Shelburne Bay.  If
anyone is interested in specific locations of species please email me

Common Loon   1
Double-crested Cormorant  50+
American Bittern   1
Great Blue Heron   1
Black-crowned Night-Heron   3
Turkey Vulture   1
Canada Goose   100+  (lots of goslings)
Wood Duck    15+/-
Gadwall    a pair
Mallard   30+
Common Merganser   8  (a hen with tiny ducklings)
Wild Turkey   6  (a Tom displaying)
Virginia Rail   2  (heard)
Sora   1  (heard)
Killdeer  1
Greater Yellowlegs   1  (Shelburne Bay)
Lesser Yellowlegs   1   (Hinesburg Rd)
Spotted Sandpiper   5
Least Sandpiper   7  (4 Hinesburg Rd, 3 Shelburne Bay)
Wilson's Snipe     1   (flight display heard at Shelburne Pond)
Ring-billed Gull    300+  (conservation estimate)
Herring Gull    1  (Charlotte Ferry)
Great Black-backed Gull    1  (second winter plumage still(?) at Shelburne
Rock Pigeon    40+
Mourning Dove   6
Ruby-throated Hummingbird    1
Belted Kingfisher   2
Downy Woodpecker   1
Northern Flicker    1
Alder Flycatcher    1  (singing incessantly at the beginning of the trail at
the LaPlatte River Marsh
                               Natural Area, near the small powerline cut)
Willow Flycatcher    3  (singing at Hinesburg Rd., Shelburne Pond and
somewhere in Ferrisburg)
Great Crested Flycatcher   10
Eastern Kingbird   4
Warbling Vireo    10+
Red-eyed Vireo    4+
Blue Jay   6
American Crow    35+
Tree Swallow   30+
Northern Rough-winged Swallow   3
Bank Swallow   2
Barn Swallow   60+
Black-capped Chickadee    10+
Tufted Titmouse   4
House Wren   1
Marsh Wren   3
Veery   4
Wood Thrush   6
American Robin   40+
Gray Catbird   10+/-
Northern Mockingbird   2
Brown Thrasher   1
European Starling   100+/-
Cedar Waxwing   2
Northern Parula   1
Yellow Warbler   15+
Chestnut-sided Warbler   1
Magnolia Warbler   2
Black-throated Green Warbler   1
Blackpoll Warbler   2
American Redstart   5
Ovenbird   5
Common Yellowthroat   10+
Chipping Sparrow   6
Savannah Sparrow   30+ (a conservative estimate)
Song Sparrow   12
Swamp Sparrow   4
White-throated Sparrow   1
Northern Cardinal    6
Rose-breasted Grosbeak   4
Indigo Bunting    1
Bobolink    100+  (many singing flight displays in every hayfield)
Red-winged Blackbird   50+
Eastern Meadowlark   3
Common Grackle   50+
Brown-headed Cowbird   20+
Baltimore Oriole    7
House Finch   9
American Goldfinch   40+/-
House Sparrow   30+

Good Birding,

Eric Hynes

PS  Yesterday afternoon I had a Great Egret fly over the bike path heading
away from the lake, in South Burlington near Overlook Park.

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