There is a nice variety of habit and birds along
the Diamond Run Mall Nature Trail (there's an
oxymoron) in Rutland.

In two hours, Deb Clark, Dave Yates and I
observed 29 species. Warblers included American
redstart, common yellowthroat, yellow warbler,
chestnut-sided warbler, black-throated blue
warber and Nashville warbler.

Several alder flycatcher and one willow
flycatcher were heard as well as scarlet tanager
and veery. Also, there were several song sparrows
and white-throated sparrows and three house

The best sighting of the day was three green
herons, first seen from the trail and then again
from the road around the back of mall (just about
between the back doors to Footlocker and the
Gap). That area is quite wet and willowy with a
few cattails.

Actually I should say that the best sight of the
day was the sun!

Sue Elliott

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