Today we headed up to Lost Trail to get in some more slide time for Ty.  On
Saturday we received some addition ski teaching aids from ďKid-SkiĒ, watched
the instructional video, and were excited to get out on the snow and see how
things went.  Although Lost Trail did receive 3-4 inches of snow during a
midweek storm, the snow depth at the Saddle Mountain SNOTEL (elevation
7,900í) still dropped from 51 inches last weekend to 43.8 inches this
weekend.  Iíve also been keeping tabs on the snow depth on Mt. Mansfield in
Vermont (stake elevation ~3,900?) through the daily SkiVT-L automated
updates, and noticed that itís around 40 inches.  Iím intrigued at how
similar the snow depths often are throughout the season in these two very
distant locales (Mt. Mansfield was also at around 50 inches or so last
weekend).  My parents were up in the Stowe/Mt. Mansfield area today, and
although they said it was beautiful, with temperatures around 70 or so,
there was still a good deal of snow visible on the trails.

Since Ty was asleep when we arrived at the pass, I hiked up to do a run
first.  E had a sore back, so she didnít mind hanging out at the base.
Unlike last weekend, there was actually another vehicle in the parking lot,
and I could see a couple of Telemark skiers making turns on the main face.
They reported that things were getting a bit soft up there, but the skiing
was still good.  Actually it turned out to be Eric, a guy I know that works
for the Department of Energy down in Idaho Falls.  Heís originally from the
Bitterroot, and seems to drive up often to ski, hike, etc.  The hike went
quickly, since it was only 800 vertical feet, but there were some areas of
soft snow that made for a bit of post holing.  This occurred mostly on the
steep pitch of the South Face headwall (~30 degrees of so), which was
frustrating.  Skinning up or wearing snowshoes might have helped, but for
such a short hike, it seemed like more of a hassle to gear up.  As suggested
by Eric, I skied down via North Face, which was shaded a bit by trees, and
offered the steepest pitch (~35 degrees).  There were a few soft spots, but
overall it was a great run and it was over before I knew what happened.

After my run we had some slide time with Ty.  As suggested, we used the tip
lock for the skis along with the H-bar so he could ski along beside me.
Heís been a little hesitant to put the bar between his legs, but once we got
moving he seemed to forget about that and focused on the experience of
sliding.  He did tend to squat and sit down on the bar at times while we
skied (instead of standing).  Maybe he felt it gave him more stability to be
lower.  Anyway, it was another beautiful day, and another great day to be
out on the hill.

I posted a few of Eís pictures from the day at:


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