Sorry I didn't run into any fellow plaid though I was constantly on the lookout,
and I wore my strip of plaid very proudly from the belt on my shorts too.  Yes,
had to do it, first time ever skiing in shorts and a t-shirt, and rubbed it into
the crowd at work this morning too.  And wearing shorts came in quite handy too
'cause twice we hiked over to East Fall from the top of Superstar (glad I wasn't
wearing ski pants for that).  I know, it was not a lot of skiing considering the
hike over, but the trail was covered top to bottom and those had to be some of
the best turns I've made all year as the snow was set up absolutely perfect and
the pitch was just right.  Not to mention the fact that we had it all to

But as you guys said, Superstar was going fast, but the day was still a blast.
Between the blue skies, bright sun, ice cold reebs and so on, not a bad day at
all.  Just sorry we couldn't find any other plaid.


>On 05/03/04 10:47 AM, Dulik, Andy (US - Jericho) wrote:

> There were rushing streams mid way down skylark

>Ah, yes, we're a bunch of 'stream skiers!

> A good day to be skiing, thanks for the company guys.

>Indeed - and thanks for the reebs!


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