While occasionally I sound like a computer dorkus when I ask a few obvious
computer questions to the list, one thing I'm getting really good at is
virus control and keeping my computers clean and running.  I'm running a
2000NT Pro LAN on five home units with a satellite internet linkup through a
wingate server on one machine.  Obviously, this is a virus heaven.

So, this has become my daily routine:

1.  Run NAV live update.
2.  Run Windows Update.
3.  Install free Spybot Search and Destroy from
then update it manually each day off the news page.  Check off every
directory bot search function then run it.  It checks for 14,522 pieces of
spyware as of today.
4.  Install free Ad-Aware6 from  and update manually each
day.  Run a deep scan each day.
5.  Install Tuneup Utilities 2004 from  (free for 30 days).
Install and run the full system file scan and registry tuneup functions
therein. (Note: if you're on a LAN and you run a full registry cleanup, be
aware that it will terminate all your LAN registry security links between
any offline computers.  You have to then reset them within administrative
tools function on control panel.
6. Examine the win.ini function in Mycomputer and the
hotkey/localmachine../../../ function in regedit for abnormalities.

If spybot cannot remove a piece of malware because it is running in the
registry, it will ask you to reboot, at which time it starts a scan prior to
fully booting, where it can terminate the bot or virus before they are
loaded in the registry.

Using this method, I have been spyware and virus free since Christmas, other
than Sunday night where I had a particularly malicious hijack attempt which
required a boot scan from spybot.  These programs are well worth a donation
to each site.


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> Sorry to lean on the list for such a self-serving purpose.
> Calling all windoze experts! Mac users, just giggle and move on.
> I am no IS guy and have never been previously infected (that I know of).
> Mine SU's pc at home has gone viral. I suspect netsky or one of its many
> variants.
> OS is win98.
> Cannot boot into safe mode b/c virus disables keyboard during boot
> Cannot run clean up tool from removable drive b/c virus has hijacked
> explorer.
> Cannot otherwise get removal tool onto pc by download b/c I ain't
> letting this virus/worm do its mass-mailing thing.
> Symptoms include: pc tries to get on internet continuously. some
> programs function okay - like MS Word. Sysedit and Regedit are available
> from the run command...
> Does it make sense to boot the machine to a second hard drive, with the
> removal tool for netsky loaded, then attach the infected hard drive as a
> second drive?
> Thanks for any help,
> - Bruno
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