Man, that sounds complicated - and I'm a geek.

I've been running Win2k, using Mozilla for email and browsing.  Got NAV
setup with liveupdate downloading virus definitions in the background.
Automatic windows updater notifies me when there's a patch available.

And I've got a home firewall (Used to be a Linksys, then something else,
now a NetworkingEverywhere something-or-other.)  Haven't had to
flash/patch/update anything, except when lightning strikes broke 'em.

I haven't had a virus get onto my machine (and not get caught by NAV)
since I set it up.  I haven't had a popup in 2 years.  I've never had a
piece of spyware.

My laptops have similar configs, but use Outlook proper (ie. not
express) and whatever antivirus software my employer uses.  Again,
haven't had a virus or spyware yet. Google's toolbar blocks the popups
when I use IE.

My daily routine:
1. boot PC
2. start working/emailing/browsing.

Why spend so much time when you don't have to?

On 5/5/2004 5:59 PM, Leigh Daboll wrote:
> While occasionally I sound like a computer dorkus when I ask a few obvious
> computer questions to the list, one thing I'm getting really good at is
> virus control and keeping my computers clean and running.  I'm running a
> 2000NT Pro LAN on five home units with a satellite internet linkup through a
> wingate server on one machine.  Obviously, this is a virus heaven.
> So, this has become my daily routine:
> 1.  Run NAV live update.
> 2.  Run Windows Update.
> 3.  Install free Spybot Search and Destroy from
> then update it manually each day off the news page.  Check off every
> directory bot search function then run it.  It checks for 14,522 pieces of
> spyware as of today.
> 4.  Install free Ad-Aware6 from  and update manually each
> day.  Run a deep scan each day.
> 5.  Install Tuneup Utilities 2004 from  (free for 30 days).
> Install and run the full system file scan and registry tuneup functions
> therein. (Note: if you're on a LAN and you run a full registry cleanup, be
> aware that it will terminate all your LAN registry security links between
> any offline computers.  You have to then reset them within administrative
> tools function on control panel.
> 6. Examine the win.ini function in Mycomputer and the
> hotkey/localmachine../../../ function in regedit for abnormalities.
> If spybot cannot remove a piece of malware because it is running in the
> registry, it will ask you to reboot, at which time it starts a scan prior to
> fully booting, where it can terminate the bot or virus before they are
> loaded in the registry.
> Using this method, I have been spyware and virus free since Christmas, other
> than Sunday night where I had a particularly malicious hijack attempt which
> required a boot scan from spybot.  These programs are well worth a donation
> to each site.
> Leigh

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