Matt Kulas [[log in to unmask]] writes:

> A call for Rumsfeld's resignation from the President in the near
>would be a swift and transparent signal to the people of the Middle
>that we are indeed NOT a tyranny.

Would that it were true! But at this point even the resignation of the
president would not sway public opinion in the Middle East a bit!  Any
chance to win hearts & minds has clearly been blown, not only for this
administration, but for a generation.

But Rumsfeld's resignation might give some hope to U.S. citizens that at
least the zealots are no longer running the show. Still, the best way
out of Iraq couldn't be less clear.  The policies & actions in Iraq of
this administration, and the criminal actions of some U.S. military &
contractors have made fundraising for terrorists much much easier. These
policies are an abject failure on all fronts! Having gone to great
lengths to piss-away the wellspring of international support post 9-11
it's not as if there's a good plan-B to be had by turning the mess over
to broader interests- it's our collective albatross, and it stinks.

But the solution can only start once we're rid of the regime that took
us down that road, with their weapons of mass-deception and willful
ignorance of Middle Eastern history pre-1948.  They are worse than an
embarrassment, they're a disgrace. I'm proud to be an American, proud
enough to be embarrassed, appalled, even afraid of what this
administration has wrought. By their attitudes & actions you'd have
thunk they had a mandate from the public, a position hardly warranted by
less that 50% of the vote...

The only thing that might come close to winning hearts & minds in Iraq
at this point would be to turn U.S. war criminals over to an Iraqi court
for prosecution (not one appointed by the occupational forces), and let
the investigation & prosecution follow the chain of command up as far as
the evidence warrants.

But if this happens, I'll faint dead away. If I wake up I'll start
sharpenin' my ice skates...


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