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           A Google search yielded the 2004 Construction &
        Design winner.  The URL is:

           The article appeared I think in the March 8, 2004
        issue of Modern Healthcare (but I'm not absolutely certain
        of that).
           The Google search also provided information on
        other years' winners.  I did a simple search. I think
        I used the phrase "healthcare design & construction" or
        something similar.  Anyway, I hope this helps.

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On Wed, 12 May 2004, Susan Gambill wrote:

> An vice president here says that Brasfield and Gorrie
> was named the number 1 health care general contractor
> is Modern Healthcare's "2004 Construction and Design
> Survey." He wants a copy of the article, but I can't
> even find the citation. . .  I have searched
> unsuccessfully Modern Healthcare's website (the
> archives part) in an attempt to find the citation. . .
> I went through by hand the issues for 2004 and 2003,
> issues which were housed in another library, again, no
> success. (I went through 2003 because I thought
> perhaps the administrator had the date wrong.) (Also,
> because the issues were unbound, they were out of
> order and perhaps even some were missing, so I could
> have overlooked  the article.) If anyone knows any
> citations on this yearly Modern Healthcare
> "construction and design survey" and ESPECIALLY  on
> the award issued to the winner of the survey, for the
> last couple of years, please let me know. Thanks in
> advance for any help you can offer.
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