Our hospital has a separate facility from the medical library for the
provision of consumer health information to patients and families.  It's
called the Family Resource Center, and in addition to health information, it
provides a wide variety of other services of particular importance in a
pediatric tertiary care center - supportive services such as a laundry,
massages, information about support groups, parenting classes, information
about the city, transportation, etc.

The Family Resource Center is going to be remodeled, and I've been asked to
find information on any innovative programs or services which other consumer
health libraries or resource centers have developed.  I'm searching the
literature, and have, of course, looked at the CAPHIS site.  But I'd love to
hear from any of you who believe you have done something innovative.  It can
involve consumer health information or the other kinds of supportive
services I've mentioned.  The focus is, however, on serving the needs of
hospital patients and their families, rather than the public (though our
hospital has lots of those services as well).

I'll summarize for the list.

Thanks, everyone.

Susan Klawansky
Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Seattle, WA
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