I suspect it is neither global warming, nor that bad a year.  I skied
there on their final weekend, just before Memorial Day, about 5 years ago.
 Marc's recent picture shows much better coverage than then.

I suspect the answer is market analysis.  They sell very few day tickets
late in the season.  Therefore most of the skiers on the hill are season
pass holders.  The resort already has their money.  Therefore shut down.
This is a nation wide phenomenon.  Mammoth and A basin used to stay open
routinely until July 4.  They don't any more.  In more idealistic times
ski resorts would stay open just for the bragging rights, even if it cost
them some money.  Whether the reputation for always being there created
sufficient economic benefit in indirect ways to justify the expense is
something I don't know.  Maybe Skip can tell us.

In any case my first and last turns of the year are always earned.  Climb
and you shall ski.

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