At 02:15 PM 5/11/04, you wrote:
>Skip King wrote:
> >I can say that the costs of operating late season are pretty minimal
>Well said.  But, that is the marketing perspective, I suspect (Skips
>orientation is marketing, correct?).  I wonder what the operations or
>finance folks would say about it?

Finance people, who are not known for their marketing savvy, don't like
it.  As an ex-Operations-oriented person, I can answer this question for
Ops by saying 'very little.'  The supervisors don't care as long as the
budgets are allocated and approved.  As for the guys in the field, it can
get pretty boring (speaking from experience) but beats hell out of the
other stuff to which FTYR ops people get assigned once they're not turning
lifts or skiing.

>I don't mean to challenge what Skip wrote.  Quite the contrary.  As
>always, there is more than one side to a story, and, obviously, some
>other side won out in this story.  I wonder what it was, because, I
>agree 100% with Skips last statement:
> >it costs less to maintain a brand image than it does to create - or
>rebuild - one.
>I wonder if maybe Killington might be moving away from that identity?

Of course they are.  The only question is whether said move is intentional
- and whether the fact that the identity is changing is understood by those
who have mandated it.

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