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"At 10:45 AM 5/13/04, you wrote:
> >This is a fair point, although perhaps
> >The whole energy/Cheney/Scalia thing the cartoon addressed is a red
>Bury your head in the sand a bit deeper. This is law school 101. The fact
>that Scalia went against his entire judicial philosophy to hand Bush and
>Cheney the election alone should be proof of his bias.

Another herring - not just red, but a brilliant crimson."

I'm leaping the aisle here, but I have to agree with Skip that the
Scalia/Cheney energy council thing is a red herring.  While supreme court
judicial ethics could stand to be better foralized, Scalia's mind is made up
on principle on this one; he would have sided with Clinton, too, if he had
the backbone to stand up to political pressure.  He just likes powerful
executives; it goes along with his general predilection for the aristocracy.

As for the Florida issue, there's little question that the Supreme Court
should have stayed out of it; the judicial application of the equal
protection clause was spurious at best, as testified to by the text of the
decision, which pretty much said that it should not be applied as a
precedent for any other cases.  Democrats should long ago have dropped this
issue; it's obvious sour grapes and ignores the fact that the results of
various independent recounts after-the-fact would not have swayed the
election anyways.  If the D's had focussed on the failure of the Republican
Secretary of State to properly implement motor votor and her use of a wildly
inaccurate "black"list that misidentified qualified votors as felons and the
impact that had on the Florida election, they would have been better served,
both in terms of the validity of their argument and public perception.  At
least, then, they could justly claim to be standing up for the little guy
and democratic ideals.

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