At 12:15 PM 5/13/04, Dave Mann wrote:

>Also curious how many folks are using a) hardware firewall/routers
>(D-link, Linksys, et al) or b) software firewalls (Zone Alarm,
>Tiny Personal Firewall, et al)?
>Personally, I rank firewalls much higher in the priority
>queue compared to AV.

I use Norton Internet Security Pro which has an onboard firewall and some
pretty good ad blockers in it.  Updates automatically (as long as I
resubscribe every year) and since loading it I have not seen one popup ad
nor been infected with one virus.  I do get periodic attempts to hack my
computer - interestingly enough, ONLY when I'm working from home and using
a dialup from there; Norton always catches it.  Only downside is that I
cannot see content on some websites because of the firewall (Boston Herald,
which I check periodically for ski stories, is a prime example) because
those sites require info from your computer which the firewall blocks.

I also use Adaware and recently downloaded the spyware app Leigh
recommended.  Wasn't heavily infested, but did have some stuff worth
getting rid of.

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