Dave queried:
>Also curious how many folks are using a) hardware firewall/routers
>(D-link, Linksys, et al) or b) software firewalls (Zone Alarm,
>Tiny Personal Firewall, et al)?

In order of importance, I use:

Zone Alarm Pro software firewall
AVG Anti-Virus with active resident scan
Pest Patrol (adware/spyware removal) daily auto-scan with Cookie Patrol loaded
Key Logger Scan - a part of the Pest Patrol suite, finds/removes key logger
spyware; run manually after visiting any sites that raise suspicion.
Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D on a weekly basis as backup.

I rely on the first 2 for 90% of my security and of those, Zone Alarm
catches over 99% of malicious attempts.
Oh, I also don't use IE as my primary browser. I only keep it around for
the sites that break in Mozilla.


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