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>I guess since last year was your first season out there (which included
>500+ inches, a huge November, and a massive March dump) it might be hard
>to compare...but I was just wondering how the season went?

Thanks Scott. Yeah, last season has already become legend in these parts.
Not so this year, but by these parts I meant Summit County which as I
understand was closer to normal this year than last... But the typical
snow CO catchers did pretty well, like Wolf Creek and the rest of the San
Juans. Silverton still has close to a 100' base. Had a pretty good year
chasing snow down south - Telluride, WC, Silverton, Durango. Jackson Hole,
Targhee & Teton Pass were all great powder days. Even caught 12 incher at
Smuggs around Xmas. Skiing with the night crew on Teardrop was very cool,
great time w/ Wes at MRG... Got to ski a bunch with Jerm again which I
hadn't done for far too long. The Steamboat and surrounding areas were
loads of fun. So even though I've only halved last years total days to
this point, there has been plenty of quality stuff, and a lot of it new to
me. It has been good.

BUT, it ain't over yet. Things are just starting to heat up for what
should be another awesome corn season. Skied a 14'er today that quietly
had a much better snow year than last season. I was shocked at how good it
was, so much so that I'm going back to that candy store tomorrow. And
another close-to-home spot is also holding on to ludricrous amounts of
snow. I've suddenly turned optimistic on the length and quality of this
spring/summer season. Just have to go to different places than last year,
and concentrate more on 14'ers.

Dan -  those two pics were on two different, yet similar spots.

Jim - such a smartypants. ;) The pic doesn't include driveway, but it's
from the corner of it and the road.

psyched for tomorrow...

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