Was gonna stay silent, but what he said...

'Course, my views don't count much because I'm just another right wing
wacko, eh?

And I'm not even American, only a fellow westerner.

So I don't really have much to lose.

Except for, maybe, my own safety and security, and those of my kids.

And eventually, maybe my rights to a free western press.

Oh, I forgot.  Political correctness already killed that.

Which right - by the way, CBS - came coupled with an equal responsibility
beyond your right to report.

The Roman Empire fell to the barbarian hordes not because it was less
powerful or less advanced or less right.

Nope.  It fell because it's citizens had become "smart".

Idly smart.

See, they'd moved beyond just believing in the vision that they were right,
and to do what they had to do to protect it.  That's dirty work.

Better to sit and debate and, above all, to try to "understand it". That's

So instead, they began to endlessly debate the pros and cons of the various
assaults on their way of life and how they should, or should not, respond.

Much of the time - I'm certain - whilst lounging around in a comfortable and
socially progressive Roman bath.

You're right.  How dare those Americans soldiers should have tried to scare
some of those captured terrorist assassins into talking or dissuading other
terrorists for the mere goal of saving a few more western lives over the
long haul.

If this works, CBS & Dems, (and the rest of the liberal west), welcome to
the new dark ages.

On the brighter side, I'm sure we can negotiate quite well with those
reasonable chaps on the other side once this present imperialist silliness
subsides and the Dems are in power.

'Cause, it was all our fault anyway, all us imperialist, capitalist western
ba**ards, right?

In another vein, how's the new Trade Center construction going?

You know, the one that you're rebuilding'd you put it...because
George W and his cronies didn't take strong enough measures to protect it
against a terrorist attack.

Right, that one.

Back to reality TV,

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> >so I may as well open the List's silly-season with:
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> >
> >
> >Nmad right!
> >
> >Let our quagmire begin.
> >
> >--Matt K.
> Wow. Once again you Democrats have shown you are much
> smarter and intelligent than Republicans. Did you
> dance in the street and hand out candy?
> You knew something was up in January when the Army
> announced it was investigating abuses in the prison.
> Finally someone with access to the chain of evidence
> was able to leak the photos.
> 60 minutes figured that handled correctly this would
> destroy the Presidents chance for reelection. Yay.
> Plus pictures are perfect agitprop in a region where
> many can't read.
> For sure CBS has destroyed the Bush goal of June 30th
> for a turnover of power.
> Do you think that CBS has gotten Iraq angry enough to
> kill 10,000 Americans? Then Bush will never be
> elected.
> Maybe the additional photos published in the Post are
> worth 2,000 more American lives.
> Bonus! Rumsfeld has testified that there are about 100
> more photos, some more disturbing. With some more
> leaking that could be worth 25,000 more lives? Maybe
> the media can turn the whole region WHITE HOT in
> anger.
> To seal the deal someone should leak a video to CBS.
> Then even Bush's children would not be able to get
> elected.
> You are correct CBS has manufactured the long
> predicted quagmire. Now they can claim that they were
> right.
> I dispute your characterization of silly, seems to me
> this is serious, deadly serious.
> Steve
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